Our Veterans

Our Pledge to Veterans in Wisconsin

Baby Bird Media, LLC pledges to give a portion of each sale to help Veterans in Wisconsin. At the end of each fiscal year, we will send a check directly to Veterans in Wisconsin, in need,  through various channels within the community. We may also meet directly with each Veteran and pledge our support.

We do not promote sending any type of funding, or donations to any large corporations. Our donation will be given to non profit organizations throughout Wisconsin, so that our contribution will go 100% directly to Veterans of Wisconsin.

 Open Records

Additionally, this information will be accessible for all the public to see as it will be published on this website. Tax information will also be accessible for those who wish to verify all information, as it will be published on this website. 

Our Veterans

As we are very well aware. We appreciate our veterans even more today. Let's face it, our current administration cares nothing about any of the people of the US. Let's give these vets some help and consider supporting our small business.